Petrol Caps

Petrol locking caps for cars

Petrol locking caps for cars

he RONIS fuel tank cap does not perform just an anti-theft function, but also provides:

Guarantee of good-quality materials

Many of the RONIS cap components are made exclusively with fine quality, high-impact materials. Moreover, the internal mechanisms are made of ZAMAK.

Cutting-edge technology guaranteeing total security

The aerated RONIS caps are fitted with a valve, the only brass one in the market, which enables a controlled release of fuel vapours and thus eliminates any risk of overflowing of the fuel.

This aerated valve, designed and manufactured by RONIS, prevents the hazardous building up of vapours and ensures perfect ventilation of the tank..

Fuel tank caps for AdBlue® liquid and DEF

Fuel tank caps for AdBlue® liquid and DEF

Fuel tank caps for AdBlue® and DEF for industrial vehicles.

In compliance with the Euro IV and Euro V standards, which limit the polluants emitted by the Diesel industrial vehicles of more than 3.5 tonnes, the range of RONIS DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) and AdBlue® caps contributes to the reduction of gaseous pollutants, associated with SCR technology.

The blue colour of the caps facilitates quick identification by users.

Fitted with metal barrels and treated against oxidation, the RONIS caps are reliable and resistant to corosion caused by urea.

Petrol locking caps for commercial and industrial vehicle

Petrol locking caps for commercial and industrial vehicle

A wide range

There is a RONIS cap matching your requirements for all the automobile brands, including commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles.

From the first assembly to the most qualified accessory supplier, the RONIS fuel tank cap is the reference cap as regards safety.


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